November Monday Night Painting Classes

Every Monday Night in November I will be offering a painting class from 6-9 pm in my studio. We will be painting ornaments, initial letters, floral wreaths or some combo of them all.

We will start off with some mixed-media techniques to make the background. Then we will use palette knives and piping tools to create the details. For the ornament paintings you will have the option to write whatever word best fits your holiday spirit: Merry, Bright, Joy, Peace, etc. I will teach you everything you need to know and you will have a chance to practice prior to doing it on your canvas. All of the supplies are provided including a 12x12 canvas.

Cost is $55 a person and each class is limited to 5.

Please sign up on my Facebook page. Direct links are below.

Sign up here:

Monday, November 5

Monday, November 12

Monday, November 19

Monday, November 26

Great Fall Award Season

I want to thank the awesome judges who choose me for two amazing awards this fall! It is always a surprise and an honor to be chosen from the many talented artists. And now I can claim I’m an “award winning artist!” How fun!

Mosiacs Fine Art Festival, Award of Recognition, 2018

Judge: Billo O’Donnell

Cedarhurst Art & Craft Festival, Best of Two-Dimensional Art Award, 2018

Judge: Laura Elizabeth Mullen

Open Studio Classes on Columbus Day

Monday, October 8, is Columbus Day and I was thinking there are probably quite a few students who will be home for the day with their parents. What a better way to celebrate than to attend an in-studio painting class?! Or, if the kids are driving you crazy, treat yo-self to an awesome time creating without them!

We will be creating a 12” x 12” fall flower wreath. All of the supplies are provided. You will learn lots of piping techniques and will be able to practice before starting on your canvas. You can also add your initial to the indie of the wreath if you would like.

I have 2 times available: 1-4pm and 6-9pm. Five spots in each time period. Cost is $55. You can RSVP on my Facebook event pages. Afternoon Class or Evening Class


My love of (and history with) Resin


As a kid, my dad was using resin to make cool stuff. I was always in the work room with him, watching what he was doing. We started to make paper weights, and eventually jewelry with resin. I had my whole family involved. They brought me random junk, and old jewelry, that we broke apart and then filled the resin molds with the pieces. You can see a few examples in the photos.

Then a few years ago, I came back to the idea of using resin in mixed media art. Some examples of those pieces are pictured below. I loved going out and scouring junk stores for all the goodies that would make up the pieces. It was always interesting to see how the different papers and items would react to the resin. The vintage monopoly cards. shown below, really soaked it up!


Now I prefer to focus on using left-over bits of paint and paper in my resin blocks. Resin is such a tricky medium; if you are off just a bit on measuring one or the other parts of the mixture it won't ever set properly. But when you get it right, the results are amazing! The new resin I use today doesn't yellow with age like the resin used for the paperweights did. 20 years leads to some good improvements. Stay tuned for more on my most recent process in making resin covered mixed media art.

Painted Deer Skull

My sweet friend, Mackenzie, found this amazing skull in the woods. She spent a lot of time getting it cleaned and bleached before I started working on it. Once she was finished with all of that, I started painting layers upon layers on it. Then I used a technique called impasto painting, in which the palette knife strokes are clearly visible, to complete the look. 

I would be more than happy to decorate another skull if anyone has one they want to bring me. I do not participate in any of the cleaning be honest it kind of grosses me out!


First In-Studio Painting Class

So today was my first in-studio painting class. I had 5 people, including one super cute little girl. I was worried about space, but it really worked out well. I could have had one or two more, but I think that is the max or we will all be squeezed in like sardines. 

This was a totally free flow class where they could paint anything they wanted. We started with a background of painted paper decoupaged on the canvas, and then began painting with palette knives and piping bags. 


It was three sisters treating their mom on her birthday to a painting class. Diane, the mom, is super sweet and I have known this family for awhile, which kind of helped take the pressure off. Thank you all for a great first class!


Hello everyone! I thought I might try my hand at writing a blog with the idea of giving you a bit more of a glimpse into my life and artistic process. This photo is of me and my super sweet hubby trying to take a selfie in the sun on a recent trip to Springfield, IL. He is off on a weight lifting competition this weekend, and the house is quiet, so it seemed like a good time to put my blogging thoughts into action.

Tomorrow I have my first ever painting class in my own studio! Here is hoping it all goes well!