From the moment I was born, my life has been immersed in an atmosphere of art and creativity. As a child, I treasured visits to my uncle’s art studio, sat in awe as my grandmother put paint to canvas and excitedly participated in my father’s entrepreneurial innovations. These experiences inspired me to pursue higher levels of artistic expression. To this day, the walls of my house are covered with the creations of my friends and family.

The influences of my childhood led me to choose artistic pursuits as a career. In 1999, I received my degree in Commercial Graphic Design, from Southern Illinois University at Carbondale. Over the next 18 years, my days were spent listening to clients and bringing their visions to life. Although I found this to be a rewarding career, it gave me little opportunity to express my personal creative vision. The foray into traditional artistic endeavors was a way for me to unplug from technology while at the same time allowing my imagination to be free to play.

The interplay between colors and textures, whether from paint or paper, is a fundamental part of my work. My process begins with texture, through the application of acrylic medium. Mixing numerous layers of paint directly on the canvas give rise to an explosion of color. This exchange is what allows my paintings to reveal themselves. Mixed media embellishments, such as vintage dictionary pages, ink and pencil collaborate to give the paintings a whimsical touch. Central to my work is a technique called impasto. With impasto, the paint is laid on the surface very thickly so that the palette knife strokes are visible. This method brings a dimensional aspect to my work. 

No matter where the painting leads me, I always try to express the joy and peace with which God has blessed me. By combining these ingredients, I feel that I am able to create works that evoke joy in the viewer. 

permanent displays

Memorial Hospital of Carbondale, IL, Surgery Expansion Wing
SIH Cancer Center in Carterville, IL


Best of Two-Dimensional Art, Cedarhurst Art & Craft Show, 2018
Best of Show, Painting, Edwardsville, 2017

Award of Excellence, Lowertown Art Fair, 2017

art fairs

Some of the Art Fairs I have been privileged to participate in

  • Cantigny Art Fair, Wheaton, IL

  • Cedarhurst Art Fair in Mt. Vernon, IL

  • Edwardsville Art Fair in Edwardsville, IL

  • Highland Art in the Park in Highland, IL

  • Laumeier Art in the Park in St. Louis, MO

  • Lowertown Art Fair in Paducah, KY

  • Midwest Salute to the Arts in Fairview Heights, IL

  • Schlafly Art Outside in Maplewood, MO

  • StrangeFolk in O’Fallon, IL